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Contribute to Mukhyamantri Vidyadaan Kosh

Supporting the Mukhyamantri Vidyadaan Kosh is an opportunity to join the Chief Minister in her endeavour for the betterment of education. Funds will be utilized to take forward the CM’s goals and vision. This vision identifies priority focus areas that are critical to advancing the education system, highlighting projects such as improving learning outcomes, ICT integration in the classroom, and developing school leaders.

Education Vision

Rajasthan Government envisions developing all Government Schools into institutions of excellence, thereby, providing easy access to high quality secondary education to every child in the state. The Theory of Change involves creating one Adarsh School (Ideal School) in all 11208 Gram Panchayats, which would be catalysts of education reform providing the right mentorship and support to other schools in vicinity, and improving education service delivery in the entire village. To support this vision, local governance structures are being streamlined by the appointment of Panchayat Elementary Education Officer in every Gram Panchayat. Along with school education, the state is integrating Anganwadis across these secondary schools for strengthening of pre-primary education in the Gram Panchayat.

These schools must be equipped with adequate physical, academic and ICT infrastructure. This should be accompanied with effective school leadership to provide direction for school development and foster strong partnerships with the community. Furthermore, it is critical for teachers to be motivated, skilled and providing child centred learning. This would ensure that every child in the gram panchayat is enrolled and attending school regularly, thereby attaining grade level learning outcomes.